Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My friend M is trying to buy a different car. She found a car that she wants to buy and secured a bank loan. Today she got a message from the bank that she could bring identification to the bank and then sign the papers. Since she didn't have any ID on her, she ran home during lunch and then took her credit card bill and pay stub to the bank as her identification. Only one problem: the bank didn't accept these as identification! They will only accept a utility bill. She got into an argument with the staff at the bank and then phoned another branch. A different branch will accept car insurance as her identification.

As she told the story to us, another person told us that she can't get a video rental card because she doesn't have two forms of ID for an address! She has her passport and bank statements with her parents' address. She has one bill in her name in her current address. That isn't enough to get a video card!

What is it in Ireland that makes businesses require so much identification? When I got my bank account, they wanted a particular type of utility bill and my passport. I also had to have my government number. Fine, I understand the government number but why are banks so particular about the other types of identification? Why does a video store need such particular identification?

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Last night I had a birthday party at our apartment. We made a bit of food and asked people to bring something to share. We had lots of food and drink and lots of leftovers. And most importantly, I think people had a good time.

We have now had a few parties at our place and I have noticed a few things. First, people tend to arrive at least 30 minutes after the time that I say. Now, I am used to this and expect it because that is the way all my friends are back home. You don't want to the first people at a party. So yesterday, I said 7:30 expecting people at 8:00 at the earliest. People started arriving at 7:40!! We weren't exactly ready because I thought that we had at least 20 more minutes. :)

Second, people tend not to eat very much. I am not sure if they eat before they come or just don't want to be rude and eat too much or if they don't like my food. People do eat more when we have the food close to where they sit, which makes sense because then they don't have to move to eat. Third, people tend not to eat food with a little bit of spice to it. I made pineapple salsa yesterday and very little of it got eaten while other food got eaten more.

Fourth, people tend to bring enough beer for themselves only. Wine, you have to share. However, when people bring beer, they may bring only a couple bottles/cans and then that is all they drink. They may drink other stuff if what they brought gets finished but overall, they just drink what they brought. Why is that? It is a party and as hosts, we have a variety of beverages. We always have beer. We generally don't buy that much beer because we are used to people bringing a 6 pack or so of what they like to drink. That way we have a good variety. We aren't quite used to the bring 2 cans thing.

The highlights

These are the last Brussels pictures that I am going to post. While in Brussels, we found a "Heide" honey! We didn't buy any because the containers were large and it was expensive. I have since found out that the honey is from the heather flower, which is purple!

While in Brussels, we ate a lot of waffles. I took pictures of the last ones so that I could post them. They were also the prettiest. The waffles were quite tasty, especially with fruit and chocolate sauce on them. We also toured a brewery on our last day. It was quite interesting because they make the beir the old fashioned way and use spiders to eat the insects that eat the stuff that escapes from the barrels. And then we drank some of the beer. It was intersting, not like anything we had had before.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Ha, the old government reigns. Maybe John will do some guest editions or I may even share the blog with him! Even though it seems like a lifetime ago that we went to Brussels, Brugges was gorgeous so I had to post pictures of it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Government

Ha ha ha (read in evil laughing voice)! The new government is same as the old government because the old "new" government (John) got sent to the store to buy kitty litter and a bookcase. Therefore, on with the church series!