Friday, September 30, 2005


So John said that I had to write about Argos in my next post so I am going to do that. Argos is a catalog based company that sells a lot of different stuff. Their catalog is about 2 inches thick! They only have a catalog, not really a show room or store per say. So, you look through their catalog, write down the item numbers of the things you want, wait (que) in line to tell the cashier and either pay for it or order it. Some things they have they don't keep in stock at the warehouse, they have to order them from another warehouse. This is why I had to wait a few days to get my cat climber and litter box. The quality of their stuff isn't great but it is affordable. If I was planning on settling here for the rest of my life, I probably wouldn't buy that much from them but for two years, their stuff is fine. For those of you who know Ikea, it is kind of like Ikea without a showroom. Argos sells furniture, household stuff, tools, jewelry, and some toys/gifts. One of my friends here is boycotting them because they are not well organized and their database of whether things are in stock or not (you can check before you buy it/go to the cashier) isn't always accurate. You frequently have to wait up to 30 minutes after you pay for your stuff until you get it and she doesn't like that. I don't mind because I have lowered my expectations of customer service since I have been here. I don't expect service anymore and am happy when I get it. That cuts down on a lot of frustration.

So today was a pretty good day. It was warmer, probably in the mid to lower 60s and rained a bit. It is cold and windy now but it gets a fair bit colder at night. It is definately autumn here. On my way home, I was the only person on the bus the whole way! I have never been on a bus all by myself before. It was nice, especially since it was an extra long bus. The bus itself was newer and much nicer than most. I think people didn't get on it because it only went to city center and not further south. I don't care since I live in city centre. :)

Tonight John and I saw Cinderella Man. Yes, it finally came out here. It was a really good movie. I kind of knew the ending but it was still really good. A new Rocky.

Darshin arrives tomorrow. He has left for the airport and should be getting on a plane in a couple of hours! I can't wait to see him and "torment" him. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005


 This moring, I got to the bus stop as the bus that goes the 1 route to get to where I was going was loading people. Unfortunately, as I was getting on, the driver said that the bus was full and we couldn't get on! A mate had been told that on the previous bus, too. So since there were 4 of us, I decided we should take a taxi. So we did and got there in 30 minutes instead of the hour the bus takes. :) We would have been quite late if we hadn't taken the taxi becuase that route only runs about 2-3 times an hour. It is the worst service I have encountered here in Dublin.

Yesterday it rained off and on all day and was a little chilly. I was trying not to wear a real sweater until Oct. 1st but I gave in today and wore one of my nice fuzzy sweaters. Today was cold, too, actually. I have been wearing sweaters and my spring jacket. I can see my breath later at night when walking Caineal. Brr. I turned on my heat in the bedroom today, too. Today rained a bit, too.

On Sat I get Darshin. I am very excited to have my furry big fat kitty again. Tomorrow John is supposed to go to the store to pick up the litter box and cat climber thing that I ordered on Sunday. I didn't want to pay 40 Euro for a litter box so I ordered one from Argos for 14! I had to wait a few days for it and hopefully it is actually in or I will have to get the one from the pet shop for more. I am getting a covered one for him even though I am usually against these. I want the covered one so that Caineal doesn't eat Darshin's poo.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Last night for dinner John and I went to the Porterhouse. It is a bar/restaurant and is pretty big with a comfortable/lodge type atmosphere. The food was good and John got a German beer that he liked. While we were there, we saw a group of women getting ready for a hen party. They dressed up like nuns! Ok, not really, they just wore the head dress and the thing around the neck with a cross. I think it was actually a Sound of Music theme because when one of them came in, the other ladies sang the theme song from the movie. We took pictures of the whole group for them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More expressions!

Today I remembered some other words that are different here and learned a new one. They are:
bobbins (I don't know how to spell it): pony tail holders
plasters: bandaids or bandages
bold: someone (usually a child) who talks back to adults or makes jokes a lot. I think this would be like the class clown. It is similar to cheeky
cheeky: a child who talks back and is disrepectful to adults.
Cheeky: an action in bad taste

I also remembered another restaurant that I like and have been to twice and will go back to again. It is an Indian place near my apartment. It is pretty afordable and flavorful but not spicy. I am just happy that the food has flavor and some dishes have a little kick to them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Today John and I went to a Thai restaurant. It was good. While there, I remembered another word use difference. Here take out is called "take away." So far there are four restaurants that I like enough to go back to. They are:
+Thai Orchid: good Thai food with a good variety and they have an early bird menu
+La Paloma: a Spanish place with decent tapas on the weekdays.
+An Italian place, I think it is called Toscana but I am not sure. It is tasty.
+Pad Thai: this is another Thai place and I tried it for my birthday. It was pretty good but I like Thai Orchid better.

My local pub is also OK but gets some strange people. We went to the Porterhouse North in June and there is one near me. We haven't been there but think it will be nice.

Monday, September 19, 2005

more expressions

I forgot a few Irish words/expressions.
jumper: a sweater or sweatshirt. I think it is mostly a lightweight but warm piece of clothing worn instead of a jacket

I think of them during the day and forget to write them down. :(

There were more things that I thought of that I like but I don't remember what they are. I guess I have to write them down. So today I waited 30 minutes for a bus and it took me over an hour to get somewhere that usually takes me about 40 minutes to get to. Oh well. The bummer was that it was raining. One might have said it was lashing but it was really just a medium rain, not that heavy and not that windy.

Today John and I took Caineal for a long walk in the park. That is something else I like: there are a few nice parks in Dublin city centre. They are small but since I get lost easily, I can wander around for a while before finding my way out. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Irish expressions

Frequently at people look at me funny because they have no idea what I am saying so I am documenting some of their expressions that I have learned.

Expression: what means

dear: expensive
gorgeous: for food: tastes really good
goregeous: for people: are nice or cute (especially for kids)
lashing: raining hard (but not a downpour. It is used by a couple peopleto describe moderate rain and even sometimes a light rain but it is meant to be bad rain or wind/rain)
crap: Ok, this one is self explanatory but it is said A LOT and it usually means is stupid, or poor quality. It is not used as a swear word. I say this word a lot now
lovely: is nice or good
brilliant: great idea (yep, they say this and it isn't just on the Guiness commercials)
trousers: the clothing worn to cover the legs (aka jeans or pants)
pants: underwear
knickers: underwear
love: a person, usually female and frequently said by a guy (e.g. "thanks love")
pet: a person (not an animal) who is being nice or is a nice person, usually used by women
"you're so good:" I think that this is a way of saying that you are a nice person, usually said after doing a good job at work or a good deed (my landlord told me this many times after I asked her if I could have Caineal in the apartment and that I was rescuing her)
"what what:" it means what but people ask twice often here
people also say "bye" about three times before hanging up the phone. I haven't figured out if it is rude to hang up after the first bye but they say it so fast that usually they say all three before I hang up
"how long you be here?" This actually means how long have you been here, not how long will you be staying
Half 9: this means 9:30, they do also say half past 9 but rarely say "nine-thirty." More people say it to me after they find out I am American
Autumn: fall, they don't say fall at all and I got teased for saying "fall" instead of "autumn"
"have a think:" Think about something (for at least a day, up to maybe months) and (maybe) form an opinion/make a decision, means "to ponder"

Eddie Rockets/what I like

Today we were out walking and were hungry and decided to go to Eddie Rockets. It looked like an American diner and we thought it would be like Johnny Rockets. So, we got "milkshakes" and ate dinner. The food was ok, actually pretty close to stanard diner food. The milkshakes were OK, a little thin and tasted a little like fake chocolate. The burgers (I had a veggie burger) had tons and tons of weird tasting mayo on them. The mayo part was not so great but I scraped mine off.

Last night we went to an Italian place. It was pretty good and we saw two hen parties out while we were out.

So, there are a bunch more things that I miss from home. They are
American sized refrigerators (mine is the size of a large dorm fridge)
Large grocery stores
Real chocolate to use for baking
Places to buy Danskos (my shoes that I love)

So that is more of what I miss. I have also been thinking about what is better here or what I like here.
Good chocolate candy bars (huge ones) for pretty cheap (less than a Euro and they are bigger than the big Hershey bars)
Some good Italian places
8 bank holidays that I don't have to work
Massages are cheaper here than at home 
There is a pretty good bus system (by American standards)
The sea is only a 15 minute train ride away
I can walk to the sea but it isn't pretty where I can walk to it
The Guiness is better
Lots of castles and old churches
Lots of history to learn about

Sunday, September 11, 2005

dinner out

Today John and I got a large bookcase. He carried it home all by himself even though it was 55 pounds! It was a long and narrow box so he put it on his shoulder and carried it the 5 minute walk home through crowded streets. :) He then put it together while I walked Caineal. John did a good job and it looks very nice and was very well put together for a prefabricated bookcase with a back held together by duct tape provided by the manufacturers.

While we crossed the River, there was a swimming race going on. The men swam first. About 45 minutes later, the women went. I didn't get to see the womens' race but there were a lot of men swimming/racing in the highly littered River Liffey. It was even dirtier today than usual.

Later we went out to dinner. While at the Mongolian Barbeque, we had bad stir fry because it was really dry. You pick your own ingredients from the buffet and then they cook it on the big flat top grill in front of you. There were these kids and teenagers who kept butting in line. They didn't understand queues or waiting your turn. It was annoying. Anyway, they cook the food in front of you. It was OK but we probably won't go back since I can make better stirfry at home and it was expensive.

After dinner we went to a little cafe/coffee shop for dessert. I ordered hot chocolate and this almond cake thing. John ordered a chocolate shake. He got cold chocolate milk and I got warm chocolate milk. The cake was good.

While we were out we saw four hen parties in playboy bunny or skimpy clothes.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pampered pooch

Today Caineal had to go to the vet to have some infected teeth extracted. John took her in the morning and he said she didn't want to go inside and was shaking by the door. So he dropped her off and then we went after I got home from work to get her. We walked a little ways and she seemed to be having a bit of trouble and the vet said not to have her walk around a lot because she had to be under anesthesia. So, we picked her up and put her in my purse/bag. She didn't fit very well but settled in as we walked her. John and I each held a side of the bag. We looked funny and people looked at us and lauged. One lady laughed and said that Caineal looked happy. When we made her get out of the bag, she didn't want to get out. She did but walked stiffly. I think she appreciated being carried. Now she is licking her bandage on her leg (lavedar colored no less) lying in her little dog bed.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Here are pictures of my little Caineal. She's so cute...

football and what I miss

Today I took the train home from work. When I got off at my stop, I saw a car full of football fans dressed in Irish jerseys. Ireland played France as I discovered on our walk with Caineal. Anyway, in this one car, there were about 15-20 guys wearing jerseys and one guy led the rest of the people in a chear for Ireland. It was funny because I could hear the chant from outside the car with the doors closed. Some of the commuters joined in the cheering for Ireland 2 hours (at least) before the game began. None of them had their faces painted, which reassured me that they were energetic but not overzealous. :)

So I have been thinking about the things I miss (not people, I miss lots of people) and here is a list:
Darshin (who I get to see in a month)
Crab Rangoons
Wide rice noodles
Mexican food
Shopping at 9:00 PM any day I want (stores close at 6:00 usually except TH when they close at 9:00)
The Oakton produce Market
The availability of real apple pie
Black beans
The Spice House
The Aveda store
Good online banking
Real Broadband (not DSL they call broadband so I have to have a phone to get internet)

Monday, September 05, 2005

my apartment

Hi peoples, Here are pictures of my apartment.


Hi, On Sat. we went up to the seaside suburb of Howth. We didn't explore the town much. We just relaxed by the sea and took lots of pictures. I know, it's shocking, me take lots of pictures. :)

more howth

Maybe I'll get the hang of posting lots of pictures... Here's more of Howth.

Ha'Penny Bridge

The view from my apartment window.

Blogging At last

HI All, some of you know I wanted to set up a blog/website with pictures and things to post and since I take pictures with a large image size, here is my blog!