Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finger painter for knitters

Okay, so I have been notably absent from the blogosphere. I could give all kinds of reasons why, but I won't. The truth is that I just haven't really felt like blogging. I haven't had the blogging mojo. Well, today I did something that made me happy dance and made me want to blog. In other words, it was "blog worthy" so here I am writing about it.

Shortly before leaving Dublin, I learned how to hand paint yarn. I really enjoyed the creative process and wanted to do more. However, I was moving and haven't had the space or really the time since then. When we bought our house in June, it has a full basement with a double utility sink. There is a work bench and plenty of room for a work table and microwave. For Christmas, I asked for some yarn dyes and got them. Well, today one of my new knitting friends came over and we had a bit of a play. It was so much fun to experiment with the four colors of yarn dye I had and not have to worry about the colors not going together because I knew that they all did and that I liked them (they had all been tested when I learned in Dublin). It was also a lot of fun to just play. We also experimented with mixing colors and got some really good, rich colors from this. For the first time in a while, I got to just be creative and have fun. I just was.

Here our our first dyeing attempts.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doubtful Sound

When we were planning our honeymoon, one of my friends who is from New Zealand told us that we had to go to Doubtful Sound. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to fit it in but when we went to book our glow worm cave tour, the company had great deals on overnight cruises so we made it fit. There is a debate about which is better, Doubtful or Milford Sound. In my world, there is no comparison, Doubtful is so much bigger and more peaceful. However, Milford is more accessible and can be a pretty easy day trip. When we toured Doubtful, we had drab weather but that made it all the more surreal. It made photography hard, but the actual experience was amazing. We also got to see more penguins. Oh, and the food on the cruise was amazing!!

To Doubtful Sound

OK, I am the worst at travel blogging! Since I last wrote, we have bought a house and moved. This means that I currently cannot find the notebook with my travel notes. Oops. Anyway, after the Milford Sound tour, we continued south to where we took an overnight cruise of Doubtful Sound. So, here are pictures of the journey to the boat for the cruise.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Milford Sound

OK, I have been MIA due to a lot of reasons, none of which really matter (but in my defense, I took over 600 pictures this day of the honeymoon and it takes a long time to go through them). But back to the honeymoon pictures. After a very scenic drive, we took a 3 hour tour of Milford Sound. It was a lovely sunny day and we got to see seals and penguins. What more could you want?